Elite Fire Protection

Canopy Sprinkler Protection Extension

Vaal, Johannesburg


Our client, a retail grocer, located in a shopping centre in the Vaal added an extension to their stock receiving and dispatch area and therefore required additional fire protection to the extended canopy.

Project Scope

After carrying out a site inspection and taking the dimensions of the new extension, along with reviewing the current fire sprinkler protection system (including available water supplies and existing sprinkler control valves ), we designed and fabricated an extension to run underneath the new canopy.

Project Outline

  • Upon installation of the new canopy sprinkler protection, we isolated an area of the existing system to tie into. We then installed the newly fabricated distribution and range pipes, and supplied and installed the required number of automatic sprinkler heads required as based on the rules and standards set out by the Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau.
  • We then completed the installation by re-commissioning the previously isolated area and pressure testing the entire system (including, the new fire sprinkler system extension) which was found to have a satisfactory pressure required for the protection system in question. 

We were then able to issue a Certificate of Compliance to the client that the sprinkler system extension was installed to requirements stipulated and would operate as needed in the event of a fire.